Literally translated from the Japanese, 'Reiki' (pronounced Ray-Key) means Universal Life Force Energy, that is, the energy that occupies and defines all things. You therefore simultaneously consist of this force, are defined by its form and are also powered by it. While other cultures have long accepted this idea, Western belief has been more reluctant to accept it. As science has developed, however, it has been discovered that underlying all matter, in all forms, is energy. Reiki is a force of unlimited and abundant energy that acknowledges no conditions and, therefore, no limits. It is a force of light, positivity and growth and is available to anyone who acknowledges its existence.

Reiki was originally part of ancient Tibetan Lotus Sutras and was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian priest, at the end of the 19th century. Reiki is not a religion or creed, it is simply energy and everyone's experience with it is different when giving or receiving it. The actual process of 'giving Reiki' requires the laying on - or not - of hands to another person's body where that person may feel heat, or a tingling sensation, or nothing at all. Ultimately, it is a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Reiki is an intelligent energy so it seeks out places it is needed, like a pill may target a certain area of the body, releasing blocks in the body's natural flow of energy. As such, the possible applications of Reiki are infinite.